Piping Stress Analysis

Piping Design Layout


Refinery OUI Piping
TLP Topside Piping-Offshore Malaysia
Fixed Platform Topside Piping-Offshore Australia
FPU Topside Piping-Offshore Malaysia
Onshore CPF Piping
Wellhead Piping

Project and Competencies

  1. Bio-refinery / pharma Piping Design
  2. Offshore Platform Piping Design
  3. Onshore Plant Piping Design
  4. Piping Design for units like Chemical Process, Food Processing, Brewery, Distillery, Dairy, Pharmaceuticals etc.
  5. Technical and CAD detailing support for Piping and Mechanical activities.
  6. Different types of Boiler Packages (HRSG/WHRB/CFBC/AFBC/LDO/Spent wash) Piping Design
  7. Co-generation Power Plant with Turbine Piping Design
  8. Mechanical & Architectural Projects for INDIAN NAVY

We Also Have Exposure & Competencies in Below Type of Projects in Locations Across Worldwide

  1. Refinery & Petrochemical Complex
  2. Onshore Gas Central Processing Platform
  3. Offshore TLP, FPU units (oil production)
  4. Offshore Gas Processing Platform
  5. Onshore Central gas processing platform
  6. N-Paraffin and LAB Plant
  7. LNG Plants
  8. Bitumen (from Tar Sand) & Heavy Oil to Synthetic Crude Oil Project
  9. Methanol & CO Plant
  10. LPG and Gasoline Plant
  11. Caustic Soda Plants
  12. Polyamide Productions Plants