Vibsim1.1TM is capable to provide hands on experience on the following:

  • Training on shaft alignment and Assessment
  • Hands on alignment defects of shafting
  • Imbalance and Balancing of rotor
  • Coupling defect identification and Assessment
  • Foundation design, Assessment and Research
  • Bearing Defects and vibration signatures
  • Eccentric & cocked rotor defects and effects
  • Vibration Resonance studies
  • Belt drive performance, characteristics and defect identification
  • Contact defect & Rub of components
  • Signal processing techniques of vibration signatures
  • Load effects on vibration signature
  • Variable speed /regime effects on vibration
  • Motor current analysis and interpretation
  • Rotor dynamics & research
  • Operating deflection shape and modal analysis
  • Optimization study of sensor mounting
  • Selection of Sensor Types (position/Velocity /acceleration)
  • Overall and In-depth Vibration training
  • Vibration mount analysis & design
  • Attenuation studies


  1. Power pack
  2. Dynamometer
  3. Variable frequency drive
  4. Bearings with accessible support
  5. Built in Vibration sensor
  6. Built in Tachometer
  7. HMI with touch screen
  8. Vibration mounts and structure with Maintenance envelope
  9. Variable Loading device
  10. Variable rotors
  11. Variable Couplings
  12. Belt drive
  13. Safety features
  14. Connectors